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Editor's Recommended Windows Phone Apps

Talking Pig

Talking Peter the Pig is the fifth character in popular Talking Penguin applications series



Shazam Encore

Shazam recognizes music and media playing around you



Car Finder

Isn ’t it easy to forget where you parked your car in a vast parking lot or in a crowded city? Not a problem anymore, CarFinder is here to help you! CarFinder is an application that guides you back to your car, no matter where it is



New experience

new experience is arrived! New version! - new interface - LockScreen - Widgets - Full Settings page - Backgrounds - Phone call - Contacts - SMS - EMail - Music Player - Social: Facebook + Twitter + FunDroiders - Polipone Games (only in full version): v



Mond Kalender

Der Mondkalender! Fragen Sie doch mal einen Nordseefischer, ob sein Tagesablauf etwas mit dem Mond zu tun hat? Die Antwort lautet: JA!




{All My Passwords} is the most professional trusted passwords manager app made for Window Phone, Windows 8, and Android devices



Craigslist Classifieds

Browse Craigslist ads with this beautifully designed Windows Phone application




It's a Google map application for the Windows Phone containing both street view and satellite view




GooGle Maps



English Hindi Dictionary

English Hindi Dictionary (romanised) – travel dictionary to translate English to Hindi displaying a list of matching words in Hindi




Turn your Windows Phone 8 smartphone into a complete mobile navigation system



Taiwan Railway

一手掌握台鐵、高鐵時刻資訊! 功能: * 離線查詢台鐵與高鐵時刻資訊 * 可顯示票價資訊 * 釘選常用查詢區間至開始畫面 * 可設定預設查詢區間 * 線上更新時刻表 * 高鐵早鳥優惠提醒 付費版進階功能: * 台鐵與高鐵網路訂票(單程票、去回票) * 訂票後記錄電腦編號 * 無廣告 如有程式使用上的問題或建議,歡迎使用軟體"關於"頁面之按鈕與開發者聯繫。 於評價頁反應易因資訊不完全而無法為您找出原因,謝謝。 facebook: http://www