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Feb 01,2012
Windows Phone 8.1,Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Alawishus Pixel

by Frog The Door Games



In the tradition of 8-bit NES and SEGA classics comes Alawishus Pixel for your Windows Phone!

Note: Downloading the trial gives you the full game but displays ads. The ads will be removed if the game is purchased.

v.1.4 - Some minor additions, bug fixes and performance improvements. The trial no longer makes you wait during level presentations and instead uses the free version's method of displaying an ad during gameplay.

v1.2 - Added an option to allow the on screen thumbstick to follow your touch position.

v1.1 - Now with support for fast app switching on phones running the newest update (windows phone 7.5). Also fixed a bug so that jumping is now much more responsive.

A port of the Xbox Live Indie Game favorite of which says, "absolute proof that a dollar price is in no way a barometer for a game’s quality" and also featured on the popular Independent Charles Show. Now take Alawishus on the go as you move through the 40, old-school-tough levels of this single-screen platformer.

While wandering the high mountains in the west, Alawishus spots an opening to a cave to which he obviously decides to explore. To his surprise, the cave collapses behind him and suddenly, he finds himself trapped. The object then, is to push a block from the beginning of the cave to a switch on the other side of the cave, which will open the exit to the next level. Sounds easy right? Well you'll have plenty of monsters, slugs and guns to stand in your way not to mention lava, moving platforms and switched platforms.

Along the way you'll find signs written by another lost traveler left with the hope that you will be the one to save him. In exchange, the signs will offer tips and encouragement so you can reach the ultimate goal of rescuing him and escaping the caves.

Again, the trial contains the game in it's entirety but shows ads. Purchasing the game will remove the ads. Thank you very much for supporting indie development!

Alawishus Pixel Screenshots

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English (United States)
App Requires:
owner identity,photo, music, and video libraries,data services,phone dialer,movement and directional sensor,WVGA (480x800),HD720P (720x1280),WXGA (768x1280)

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