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Weekly Hot Windows Phone diet + nutrition Apps

Glycemic Index Diet

The first shopping list app for the Glycemic Index Diet is here! Have you been wondering what foods to buy for a glycemic index diet? Now you can have a list of them at your fingertips



Weight Watcher

Keep track of your weight and height with this simple to use application



Photo Food Diary

Simply be sure to photo everything you eat and drink



Lose Weight

This application will help you keep track of your weight over days and will show you your progress



Blood Type Diet

This application gives you the classification of food for you according to your blood type



Dansk Mad

Alt innhold er hentet fra Fødevareinstituttets afdeling for Ernæring viderefører en meget lang tradition med udgivelse af tabeller over fødevarernes næringsindhold med at skifte fra de trykte tabeller til udgivelse af fødevaredata



Nutrition Values

Ever wondered how much of potassium is in an apple? Or even, is there any (yes, there is!)? Here is a no-nonsense, easy to use app that shows you major nutrients in nearly 8,000 foods and food items



Raw Food Diet

Discover the Secrets of Raw Food Diet! There are a zillion diets out there




Meal Snap lets you take pictures of the meals you eat, and then magically tells you what food was in your meal




NutritionFinder is the perfect application to help you quickly find and track the nutritional information in your meal



Sexual health

An App that can help you to find some information about sexual contamination and Heath and quiz



Paleo Food Matrix

The Paleo diet is for effective weight loss and prevention of many degenerative diseases