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Jul 31,2012
Windows Phone 8.1,Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
19 MB

Doodle Ü FREE

by Thomas Berk



The hero of this Physics Puzzle Platformer is the potential cult character "Doodle Ü" a.k.a. Angry Umlaut, the only hero who can save the 26 letter younglings a-z, who were kidnapped by the evil Blobs.

130 increrasingly difficult levels for free!

Unique elements:

- easy touch controls: indirect control of the hero by tapping on the screen to draw a coin or manipulating the world around him. No "virtual buttons" on the screen!
The hero tries to reach the nearest coin by walking or jumping there.

- draw blue, red or green lines into the game world that turn into physical objects
These can be used to build bridges, hit enemies, or any other way you can think of to get the hero to the exit!

- blue lines turn into objects falling down, red lines jump around, green lines are fixed in the world

- draw boards, rocks or a combination of these 2 (flick to the right, down or up respectively) to build bridges, build catapults to shoot the hero up into the air, get him over Doodle-Ü-eating plants, ...

- The 26 Worlds a-z have 5 levels each. The objective is to get the hero to the exit, and in level 5 of each world to take the youngling to the exit.
They are unconscious, so the hero has to push, shoot, throw ... them!

- Hand painted, looks as if a child's painting has come to life, no violence (hit: butterflies appear over the head)

- Sound and music fit to this style

- the hero sometimes has to move out of the level and get back in (!) to be able to finish the level
(the world doesn't end at the level boundaries)

- Inverted score system: you start with 1000 Coins in every world, drawing stuff costs coins, hitting or killing enemies and finishing levels gets back coins

- the coins remaining at the end of a world are your score. Replayability: high; a world can be reset to its initial state at any time, which gives you back the 1000 coins for this world.

- If the score is over 900/1000: 3 butterflies earned! (butterflies are the equivalent of "stars")

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location services,photo, music, and video libraries,data services,web browser component,HD720P (720x1280),WVGA (480x800),WXGA (768x1280)

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