All Windows Phone Apps By Prototype Interactive FZ LLC

Developed by Prabhjot Bakshi version 4- Background Playing Music, Volume Control and AD banner issue Resolved

Developed by WP VN "Vietnam Cinema is an application on Windows Phone that show the list of movies are now showing, comming soon

Developed by Aner Gabay דורבנות הוא מילון לסלנג ותחדישי שפה בעברית, שהוקם ומנוהל ע"י אסף שגיא

Developed by MOSTEFAOUI Mohamed Anes DzNawafil is an application that give you all details about "nawafil" prayer

Developed by Via MS Phils The most simple way to pray the rosary on your windows phone

Developed by: MangoDev Your Color picks you the right color for based on your birth number

Developed by mohamed koueider This application is a simple diary , where you can write what happned in your day , or you may use it to write your notes

Developed by Bilal Shabbir Tasbih allows you to do dhikr

Developed by Tech Guerrillas بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Forty prayers which are favored by our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)

Developed by Team 4 PRO Virtual Tongue is an Application for Dumb Peoples