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Jul 31,2014
Windows Phone 8.1,Windows Phone 8
27 MB

Wake Up, Arnie!

by Massive Hamster Studios



Arnie's always been crazy about monster movies... But what will he do when he finds himself trapped in his dreams and surrounded by dark and monsters from the silver screen?
Help him escape the Darkness and avoid all the perils of his twisted dream land!
Wake up, Arnie!

Wake Up, Arnie! is a 2D side-scroller, featuring unique hand-drawn artwork and an immersive atmosphere inspired by a fascination with B-movies, nightmares and dreams.

The player controls the main character, Arnie, in a series of platform and timing based puzzles. The objective is to find the portal within each level that allows Arnie to move on to the next challenge, while at the same time avoiding all enemies - the Darkness and its minions - and collecting all the lightbulbs he comes across. By collecting all the lightbulbs the player gets the chance to play two hidden levels, with a different gameplay, that will allow them to build a special ship to combat the Darkness in an exciting boss fight.

The pacing of the levels is purposely slow and dreamy, to emphasize the gravityless and ephemeral nature of Arnie's nightmares, while the creeping darkness and enemies give the game it's sense of urgency.


-Choose between 3 different Worlds!
-60 levels to play!
-Collect all lightbulbs to unlock special levels and boss fights!
-Amazing artwork and an immersive atmosphere!
-Free updates!
-No Ads!
- 12 new levels for Lost Castle
- New enemies!
- New scary monsters!

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English (United States)
App Requires:
music library,media playback,data services,movement and directional sensor,web browser component,HD720P (720x1280),WXGA (768x1280)

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