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Top Rated Windows 10 File & Disk Management Softwares


0.1MB . update:Mar 14,2014

BulkFileChanger is a small utility that allows you to create files list from multiple folders, and then make some action on them - Modify their created/modified/accessed time, change their file attribute (Read Only, Hidden, System), run an executable with



AB Commander

3.3MB . update:Feb 17,2011

AB Commander is a powerful yet easy to use tool that lets you manage files and folders using the convenient dual-panel user interface (pioneered in Norton Commander), while maintaining tight integration with the standard Windows shell



Smart File Advisor

512K . update:Jan 19,2011

Smart File Advisor will help you find appropriate programs to open your files using Filefacts



Free PST Fixer Tool

2.3MB . update:Jan 17,2011

Have you lost access to the PST file? You can fix this problem with Free PST fixer Tool



Window Tabifier

102.4K . update:Mar 17,2010

This program allows to host several open Windows in one parent window so that you can easily access and navigate between them, as well as clean up space in the taskbar



Handy Uninstaller

1.2MB . update:Sep 07,2012

It helps you to uninstall and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer



Quick File Rename Personal Edition

17.4MB . update:Aug 10,2009

Quick File Rename is a full featured professional batch file and folder (2-in-1!) renaming utility that is both easy to use and has features such as Undo, Real-time Preview, instant rename by dragging and dropping files, a built in folder browser to brows



Abaiko Disk Space Monitor

3.3MB . update:Jul 09,2013

Abaiko Disk Space Monitor is an essential piece of software for those that work extensively with a large number of files



Data & Files Recovery

1.1MB . update:Jan 26,2009

MiMU Files Data Recovery, is a no-risk data recovery utility that assists you in recovering important data which was lost after drive format, virus problems, software corruption, file/directory deletion, file/directory corruption and more!





6.7MB . update:Dec 18,2013

PartitionGuru is a powerful disk management and data recovery tools



Where'd My Space Go

685K . update:Jan 08,2007

Find where your hard disk space is being used. Find out what old programs, games, demos, or downloads are still there filling up your hard disk space



Find And Click

0.5MB . update:Apr 29,2014

Find And Click is an easy-to-use tool.It can find a picture on the screen what you defined with the scope and click it