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Weekly Hot Windows 10 Other Softwares

PaperCut Print Logger

0.62MB . update:Mar 15,2012

PaperCut Print Logger is a free print logging application for Windows systems designed to provide real-time activity logs detailing all printer use



Input Director

2.87MB . update:Sep 28,2012

Input Director is designed for those folks that have two (or more) Windows systems set up at home



SysTray Timer

0.20MB . update:Oct 01,2010

Freeware - Automation/Timer/Scheduler. This incredibly small utility will start an application/alarm at every x minutes




4.8MB . update:Feb 04,2010

These power tools for Windows optimize and automate your daily tasks



12Ghosts QuickStart

0.7MB . update:Feb 04,2010

Unlimitted hotkeys and tray icons for each entry. Open programs, documents, websites, and special system folders like StartUp or SendTo, even registry keys, and has many more unrelated commands



12Ghosts ShutDown

0.7MB . update:Feb 04,2010

Shut down with one click or with one key stroke. Run scan disk and backup programs programs, daily or at certain days of the week


(6,016) Startup Booster

0.37MB . update:Nov 13,2012

Delete, add or modify files and programs you want to be started with the system automatically


(8,435) Utility Box

3.36MB . update:Dec 03,2012

This product combines 16 powerful Windows cleaning and optimization tools (Hard Drive Washer, Surf Trail Washer, Registry Washer, Startup Booster, File Washer, File Encrypter and much more) to help you keeping your system running fast and secure


(6,465) Settings Organizer

0.38MB . update:Jan 22,2013 Settings Organizer offers many Windows tuning and tweaking options in a small and easy to use program including explanations to each single option so that even beginners can configure their system to let it behave the way they want



1st Clipboard

6.98MB . update:Jan 27,2016

Free Clipboard Replacement for Windows. 1st Clipboard can copy and store up to 25 items at a time




5.50MB . update:Aug 30,2014

Automatic software Deployment. SW and HW inventory




3.04MB . update:Jan 22,2016

CheckDrive is a free tool allowing you to check your hard disks for errors and to correct them instantly