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May 22,2012
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Jul 03,2014
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Shadow Copy Cloner (SCC) backs up all of your files, including your programs, documents, the registry, and even your Windows system files, by copying them to another partition or hard drive. There is no proprietary archive format to get in your way; you have direct access to your backup files using whatever program you wish.

Most importantly, SCC can produce a bootable backup of your system. When your hard drive dies or succumbs to a virus, all you need to do is swap it out for your backup drive and get right back to work (or play). Your system will come up as it was when you made the backup. (See the user manual for details).

SCC employs the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service to clone your disk. This means that your backup is a point-in-time "snapshot" of your system as it was when the backup began. You do not have to worry about cloned files being corrupted or missing because Windows changed them during the course of the backup. More importantly, you can keep working while the backup runs, especially if you use the background I/O mode. This mode causes SCC to yield to your other applications when they need access to the disk, ensuring unfettered use of your system during a backup.

Shadow Copy Cloner copies more than just your basic data. It fully supports Windows security constructs, NTFS named streams, junctions, and symbolic links. It will even reconstruct hard-links.

And last, but not least, Shadow Copy Cloner updates a clone by copying only the files that have changed since the last backup. You don't have to wait for hundreds of gigabytes of data to be copied each time, which is a major problem with sector-by-sector cloning programs. Incremental backups using SCC take very little time.

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