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This is wizard that I wrote to fast and comfortable update of my own personal website. It searches (at request - recursively) all files in the source folder that are modified after specified date/time. It can copy found files (everyone or selected) to the target folder with preservation of an initial structure of the subfolders. This application allows to upload all files from the updated folder (with preservation of its structure) to the specified FTP server, to compress this folder in the same named zip-archive, to send one to the given E-mail.

Step #1 is the selection of source and target folders. It is required to choose a name of the folder for searching the updated files and a name of the folder where these updated files will be copied or moved. Also, it is required to specify the date and time since which files in the source folder are considered updated. If Include subfolders option is set , the files searching will be carried out recursively - in the source folder and in all folders inside it. In the field Exclude mask(s) there is possibility to type one or several masks of files (separated from each other by commas) which should be excluded from search. To delete the content of the target folder as a preliminary one it is possible to set Cleanup this folder first option (if Delete files to Recycle Bin if possible option is set files will be removed to the Recycle Bin on conditions that its usage is enabled by system options). Setting Compare contents of the newer and existing older files option allows to exclude from results of search those files which binary contents do not differ from the existing copies in the target folder.

Step #2 is reviewing the list of the updated files. On this step you can see the list of the updated files found in the source folder. The Name, the extension, the relative path in the source folder, and also the date and time of the last modification are shown for each file. In order to remove file(s) from this list (and thereby to exclude them from the further processing) it is required to mark corresponding line(s) and to click the Remove from list button. Note that in this case files leave only the list, but still stay in the source folder.

Step #3 is actions selection. On this step it is required to choose, what exactly should be done with the found files. Copying or moving files to the target folder are obligatory actions that are chosen by means of the group Action to perform switches. Besides this, it is possible to upload the target folder contents (with full structure preservation) to the specified folder on a FTP server. For this purpose set Also upload file(s) to the FTP server option and fill the fields of FTP Settings group, having specified the address and the port of a server, as well as the login and the password for the access. To compress a target folder in the same named zip-archive, set Also ZIP folder with the copied/moved file(s) option. This archive file can be sent as an attachment to the given E-mail address. For this, set Also send ZIPped folder via e-mail option and fill fields of Mail Settings group, having specified addresses of the sender and the recipient, and also the SMTP-server which will be used for sending the mail. Note that this feature is accessible only in the case when the key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareElijah ZarezkyUpdateIt!SMTP in the system registry contains DWORD named Enable and its value is different from zero.

Step #4 is processing the files. On this step it is possible to watch the progress of copying (or moving) the updated files from the source folder into the target folder, of uploading files from the target folder to the given FTP server, compression of the target folder and sending the given archive to the E-mail address that was specified earlier.

System requirements:

* Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003;
* some free memory.

Plans for the future:

* preservation of source and target folders' „history"
* preservation of „history" of the sender's and the recipient 's of the mail addresses.

UpdateIt! Pro

This edition of the UpdateIt! has the following differences from the standard.

* Beyond standard Deflate, BZip2 compression method is supported. It compresses files more efficiently than the Deflate algorithm, but is slower. It is supported by 7-Zip since version 4.5x, by PKZIP since version 4.6 and by WinZip since version 10.0. Earlier versions of these programs will not decompress archives that use the BZip2 algorithm.
* AES encryption with key sizes 128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit is supported for the produced archive files. The format of AES encrypted data conforms to the WinZip AES Encryption Specification. It is the preferred way to ensure that your data is secure. UpdateIt! Pro encrypts files the way the WinZip 11.0 does.
* If the number of the files to compress exceeds 65 535 or size of an archive should be greater than 4 gigabytes then Zip64 format will be automatically used. The Zip64 format is an extension to the standard Zip format that practically removes limits in sizes and item numbers within a zip archive.
* This application is distributed as a freeware but closed source due to the ZipArchive Library Commercial License Agreement.

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